5-chicken rice plate $9.99

Rice in special  seasoning with chicken breasts

served with two sides

8- Kafta half moon plate  $9.99

add cheese .99

kafta is a seasoned Mediterranean beef mixed with freshly
cut onions and parsley baked inside a pita bread

served with 2 sides

10- Manakish plate $7.99

​Fresh dough stuffed with a variety of options 5pc
-Spinach  - Pizza
- Chesse  - Thyme      

9- Grape leaves plate $6.99

​fresh grape leaves boiled in hot water stuffed with rice seasoned
​with olive oil and lemon served with 2 sides .

11-falafel plate $8.99

vegetarian recipe of ground chickpeas, fava beans and spices
fried and 
served with tahini sauce pickles , vegetables
and pita bread.(5pcs) 

1-Fruit Cocktail
M=4.99 l=6.99

​Choose from a variety of fruits, Bananas, Strawberries, oranges, kiwi , blueberry, grapes, Rasberry, yellow watermelon, with rosewater
topped with  whipcream and a hint of mint.

3-Chocolate Crepe $4.99

​  Our crepe is made of  milk, flour, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, eggs,  
  butter, pured vanilla  extract , whipcream and hershey's stuffed 
  with nutella chocolate. add fruits for $​1.00

4- FRuit Smoothies
 R/$4.50    l/$5.50

.a variety of fruits, with yogurt, honey

and whip cream topping 

5-Smoothies s=$4.50 l=5.50

- Caramel Chai   - white chocolate   - Vanilla late   - Belgain chocolate
-Green tea   - Chocolate creme - chocolate mint  - Horchata  
-Mint chip Cookies - Oreo chocolate smoothie - kit kat smoothie - m&m
-cake batter  - honey due  - coffee  - almond  - Chocolate Peanut butter
- Taro   - Double Mocha Late   - Mocha Cuppuccino  - Avocado  - Snickers

6- Raw juice r$5.99 lrg 7.99

Choose from a variety of Vegetables and / or  Fruits

-Kale                          -Oranges

-Spinach                   - Strawberry

-Celery                       - Bananas

​-Carrot                      - Apple

-Cucumber                - Peach





Oasis Refreshing   $2.99

-Jallab -Rose -Lemonade -Oasis cream

7- Chicken Fajita Plate  $9.99

add cheese .99

Seasoned chicken with a special sauce in a toasted
pita wrap with grilled peppers and onions in addition
to a variety of vegetables , pickles , tomato ,
lettuce , cabbage and cheese.

            Hummus                        Rice                       House Salad                 Yogurt Cucumber Salad         Fruit Salad       Baba  Ganouj

4- Gyros Plate $9.99

Lamb with tomatoes, onions and yogurt cucumber .

Every plate comes with 2Sandwiches and  2 sides

2- Baklava $1.99 2pcs

Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry

filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together

with syrup or honey

                                 Every plate you try at Oasis  you pick two sides from our huge variety 

4-Halawa $3.99 

add honey .99 

Halawa is a Dessert that is flower base and nut butter base tahini  eaten with bread after a meal

Call ahead for faster service 714-990-2261

Free delivery to local businesses 714-990-2261

2-Beef chawarma $9.99

Beef , parsley, onion, sumac, tomatoes, pickles with tahini sauce
wrapped in pita bread . Every plate comes with 2 sandwiches and

2 Sides

3-chicken chawarma $9.99

Chicken, cabbage mayo, pickles with garlic sauce wrapped in Pita
bread. Every plate comes with 2 Sandwiches and  2 Sides

12-Oasis Vegie plate       $9.99

Mediterranean dishes; Tabuoli, Hummus , Baba Ganouj,

Grape-Leaves, Yogurt  Cucumber and Falafel served with

 Tahini Sauce and Pita Bread

6- Gyro & Rice Plate $9.99

Rice in Special Seasoning with Gyro Slices  Served with 

Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Tabouli , Grapeleaves, and Yogurt

Cucumber. (Turnips, Greek olives, and Pita)

Oasis Berries

Mulberry, Blueberry,  Rasberry

13-Taste Of Lebanon 3-4p 39.99

tabouli, hummus, baba ganouj, yogurt cucumber , grape leaves, falafel ,

with three oasis - chicken chawarma , beef chawarma , gyro. over rice




                     1- Individual Pita Wrap 5.99                 2-Individual Side  $4.99       
                              Chicken Chawarma                                  Hummus,

                               Beef Chawarma                                          Rice,

                                          Gyros                                          House Salad,

                                        Falafel                                  Yogurt Cucumber,
                                                                                              Fruit Salad,
                                                                                             Baba Ganouj)

Deserts & Drinks

1- Oasis Pita Wraps $9.99 

           Add Feta Any wrap .50

choose two of our wraps options (Chicken Chawarma, Chicken Fajita,
 Beef Chawarma, Gyro , Falafel, Veggie) that's served with two sides  

                                 Oasis Dinner Special

a sampler plate , tabouli - Hummus - baba ganouj - grape leaves - rice and your choice of protein (gyro, chicken, beef, falfel) served with lentil soup and a drink

                                                                                            for $12.99